Why WNBA Players Should Be Paid More? Know It All Now

Why WNBA players should be paid more: Does WNBA pay well?

Take a look at some reasons why WNBA players should be paid more. Also, we will discuss why WNBA players get paid less. The main reason why WNBA players are paid less is WNBA is not as famous as NBA. Therefore no one watches it, on the other hand, NBA generates more revenue of $7.92 billion per year than the WNBA. The Women’s National Basketball Association only generates $60 million per year. However, if NBA wanted to pay WNBA players more wages and salaries then Women basketball players would be billionaires.

Also if NBA could redistribute money to the WNBA league. What is WNBA meaning? WNBA means the Women’s National Basketball Association with headquarters located in New York, United States. When was the WNBA founded? WNBA was founded on April 24th, 1996. Here are some arguments for why WNBA players are paid less.

Why WNBA players should be paid more?

Do you think WNBA players should be paid like NBA players? My answer is Yes because the Women’s National Basketball Association only generates less revenue of about $60 million per year. The money is less to pay WNBA players more salary that’s why there exist only 151 WNBA players in this league. If the women’s NBA was generating more revenue then, more wages would be given to Women basketball players. Thus the women’s basketball league would have more billionaires over time.

However, some people think all basketball players would have equal wages. Let’s continue with our arguments of why the WNBA is still paid fewer wages.

WNBA VS NBA Revenue comparison

WNBA VS NBA Revenue comparison

When we compare the revenue generated by the National Basketball Association is so huge about $7.4 billion. However, Women NBA players get less salary since the WNBA League only generates $60 million per year. Meaning more money for the league more players and more salary wages for WNBA players and vice versa. According to wsn.com the WNBA only generates $60 million meaning there is a huge gap when it comes to salary payments between NBA players and WNBA players.

Therefore my final argument regarding high wages for WNBA players is the NBA league should consider investing more revenue in the women’s league.

The WNBA Play fewer Games

How many games do WNBA players play? The Women’s National Basketball Association plays only 36 games per team in a single WNBA Season. These are fewer games compared to NBA League teams thus implying NBA players are paid more compared to WNBA players since they play more games. Each team plays four games vs 3 opponents. Therefore do you think the WNBA League needs to play more games? Tell us your thought or argument in the comment section below.

On the other hand, the NBA league plays 82 games in a single NBA season and sometimes the season is extended in playoffs. The more games played, the more competitive the league is and more salary is paid to NBA players.

Less Exciting with fewer Fans

The Women’s Basketball League has fewer fans who come and attend the competitions. On average only 70,000 fans come and watch the WNBA league games played. However, the NBA League is so interesting with more fans who come to witness their team’s plays every NBA season. To be sincere Men have muscular bodies, run faster, and jump more and higher with a lot of strength. This has attracted more fans who are females who come to watch male NBA players on the court.

The WNBA league has fewer dunks compared to the NBA league with more NBA male players who love dunking so much during NBA competitions. It’s very exciting to see and watch. I think if there was no dunking, I think also NBA League would be boring with fewer fans. I am trying to express my argument related to excitement and dunking. Thus more fans will pay higher tickets to come and watch the games

The WNBA is owned by NBA

Who controls the WNBA? The Women’s National Basketball Association is currently owned by half 30 National Basketball Association teams. And the rest half is owned by 12 WNBA teams. This means the WNBA was created by NBA governing body in 1996 but I don’t know how its ownership is appointed. Since the NBA league has existed for 70 years meaning the WNBA is still a new league with only 26 years of existence.

What’s equally important, the NBA league owns the WNBA league thus they end up paying fewer salary wages to women NBA players since the league still generates less revenue of only $60 million.

Final Thoughts

In case the National Basketball Association didn’t exist, do you think WNBA would increase salaries for NBA players? And I think the main reason for the salary increase is when you compare the basic salaries of other basketball players. And again WNBA players desire more salary increments but less focus on this league since it’s considered a less profitable league. But again do you think, WNBA should focus on high salary increments? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

However, do you think the WNBA league plays fewer games? That’s why they are paid low salary wages. What are your arguments? Also, some WNBA fans think that the Women’s basketball league is less exciting than the NBA league. Tell guys what you think about our arguments related to Why WNBA players should be paid more.

FAQs of WNBA players

Does WNBA pay good?

The WNBA League pays a basic average salary of $102,751 to its 151 Women NBA player.

Who is the highest-paid WNBA player?

According to WNBA News Sources 2023, Breanna Stewart, Jewell Loyd, Elena Delle, Brittney Griner, Diana Taurasi, and Elena Delle Donne are paid more salaries.

How much does a Lakers girl earn?

The Laker’s annual salary is $30,000 per year.

Why do WNBA players get paid less?

WNBA players are paid less since the WNBA league makes only $60 million per year. Also, the revenue difference between NBA and WNBA affects the wage pay of WNBA players.

What does WNBA stand for?

The WNBA stands for the Women’s National Basketball Association.

When was WNBA founded?

The WNBA was founded on April 24th, 1996.

Why is the WNBA less popular than the NBA?

The WNBA is less popular because the players are inferior to NBA players.

Who financially supports the WNBA?

The Nike, and WNBA Team Owners, Pau Gasol, NBA, Laurene Powell, and Condoleezza financially support the WNBA League.

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