Tim Duncan Net Worth 2023: How much is Tim Duncan Net Worth?

Tim Duncan Net Worth- 2022

Tim Duncan Net Worth is estimated to be $130 million. He is currently an assistant coach at San Antonio Spurs in the NBA league, Duncan is an American NBA player born on 25th April 1976. He started his professional NBA career in 1997 2016 playing with San Antonio Spurs. Later on after his retirement, Duncan joined another profession of coaching. In 2023, Tim earns an estimated salary of $10 Million per year with the San Antonio Spurs as an assistant coach. Tim Duncan’s annual average salary of $10 million per year with a monthly income of $1 million. Therefore, this article will discuss Tim Duncan’s net worth, Salary, Contract, Assets, Age, height, and more.

Tim Duncan Net Worth 2023

According to Celebrity Net Worth 2023, Tim Duncan’s Net Worth is $130 million playing as a power forward position for the San Antonio Spurs. Duncan gets a base salary between $10 million to $13 million, and a monthly salary of $1 million. However the most interesting fact, Tim is also among the most popular American professional basketball player in the history of the NBA. After his retirement, he retired from professional basketball and joined as an assistant coach.

Full Name:Timothy Theodore Duncan
Nick Name:Tim Duncan
Place of Birth:Saint Croix United States
Date of Birth:25th April 1976
Profession:NBA player
League:National Basketball Association
Tim Duncan’s Net Worth:$130 million
Annual Average Salary:Between $10 million to $13 million
Current NBA Team:San Antonio Spurs
Last Updated:2023

How much does Tim Duncan make a year?

How much does Tim Duncan make a year?

What is Tim Duncan’s Salary in 2022? Tim Duncan earns approximately a salary between $10 million to $13 Million per year with San Antonio Spurs as a coach. He joined San Antonio as a professional player from 1997 to 2016. He is among the most famous NBA players in NBA history and assistant coach of the Spurs NBA team. However, Duncan also has had several endorsements with famous brands like Adidas, and Powerhouse Global Brand. These endorsements pay Tim Duncan $2 Million besides coaching. Other endorsements are Barcode Sports Drinks and Childhood Dreams.

Full Name:Timothy Theodore Duncan
Professional Player:American Professional Basketball Player
Average Salary:$10 million
Yearly Income:$10 million
Monthly Income:$1 million
Endorsement Deals:Nike, Adidas, Powerhouse Global Brand, Japanese Multinational Auto, Truck Parts Manufacturer, and Bridgestone
Last Updated:2023

Tim Duncan Endorsement Deals

Tim Duncan has endorsement deals with famous brands like Adidas, Nike, Powerhouse, and Global brands. He also has two shoes signed with Air Max Duncan and Air Max Duncan II joining Adidas. In 2022, he also signed another deal with Japanese multinational auto and truck parts manufactured by Bridgestone. Making a sum of all his brand deals for $5 million

Tim Duncan Endorsement Deal:Nike, Adidas, Powerhouse Global Brand, Japanese Multinational Auto, Truck Parts Manufacturer, and Bridgestone
Last Updated:2023

Current Contract

In 1997, Tim Duncan joined San Antonio Spurs as a power forward and played for 19 seasons earning an annual salary of $22 million. During the season of 2009/10, Duncan was paid $22 million. Later on, he had to extend his contract for a fee of $242 million in salary. Besides earning a yearly salary, Duncan was earning an extra $2 million from endorsement deals.

Tim Duncan Current Contract- 2023:10 million
Current Team:San Antonio Spurs
Date of Contract Signing:2015/2016
Guaranteed Amount:$10 million
Last Updated:2023


Tim Duncan was born in Saint Croix, United States on 29th April 1976 aged 46 in 2022. He started his professional basketball career in 1997 playing for San Antonio Spurs where he played for 19 years. Duncan is an American NBA coach as a power forward for San Antonio Spurs. He joined the Spurs in 1997 to present on a two-contract transfer deal for three years. His listed height of 6 feet by 11 with a listed weight of 113 kilograms. However, after finishing college in 1997, he was drafted as the best NBA draft player.

Full Name:Timothy Theodore Duncan
Nick Name:Tim Duncan
Weight:133 kilograms
Position:Power Forward
Place of Birth:Saint Croix, United States
Date of Birth:25th April 1976
Education Background:Wake Forest
Profession:American Professional Basket Ball Player
Net Worth 2023:$130 million
Last Updated:2023

Early Life of Time Duncan

Tim Duncan was born on 25th April 1976 in Saint Croix United States. His mother was a professional midwife and his father was a mason. Duncan has two elder sisters and one older brother, he is also the youngest in the family. In 1988, Duncan’s sister won the summer Olympic swimmers champions in Seoul, South Korea. He always feared swimming due to his fear of sharks therefore he lost most of the opportunities in sports. However a day before his 14th birthday, his mother passed on due to breast cancer.

During his University life, Duncan managed to get a full scholarship due to his skills in basketball from Wake Forest University. However, he dropped the opportunity of a scholarship and joined another college. Some of Tim’s achievements in his early life are 3x NABC Defensive Player of the Year and 2x ACC Player of the Year.

Relationship, Wife & More

In July 2001, Duncan married Amy Sherrill and later divorced her on August 2013. They managed to have two beautiful children together however Duncan got another child from Vanessa Macias in 2017. Even though Duncan retired from professional basketball, he is still honored and celebrated with the Virgin Island Medal of Honor. The fact is Duncan is a divorced man now with three children namely; Draven, Sydney, and Quill Duncan.

Full Name:Timothy Theodore Duncan
Parents:Lone and William Duncan
Marital Status:Divorced
Children:Draven, Sydney and Quill Duncan
Wife:Amy Sherill
Girl Friend:Vanessa Macias
Siblings:Cheryl and Tricia
Last Updated:2023

FAQs of Net Worth of Tim Duncan 2023

What is Tim Duncan’s Annual Average Salary in 2022?

Tim Duncan is paid a salary of $13 million per year.

How old is Tim Duncan now?

Tim Duncan is 46 years old born on 25th April 1976.

What is the total Net Worth of Tim Duncan 2023?

Tim Duncan is estimated to have a Net Worth of $130 million in 2023

What is the height of Tim Duncan?

Tim Duncan is 2.11 meters tall


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