Who are the top 10 shortest NBA players of all time?

Top 10 shortest players in NBA history

Who is the shortest NBA player of all time? Muggsy Bogues is the shortest player in NBA history with 5 foot 3, Earl Boykins, Melvin Hirsh, Anthony Webb, Greg Grant, Louis Klotz, Wataru Misaka, Monte Towe, and Kieth Jennings, and Charlie Criss. NBA sports is a game of tall people but on our list, we have the shortest players in the history of the NBA. In history there were two tallest players in the year 1985 and 2006 namely; Gheorghe Muresan and Sudan’s Manute Bol with a height of 7’7 Inches. But height doesn’t matter when you have the skill and talent of NBA Sports.

These 10 shortest players have extraordinary skills in NBA history since they had to chase their dreams of playing basketball. Despite the criticism, they never gave up few of them became coaches after their retirement. Their stories are a source of inspiration to everyone. Let’s dig in to find out about these top 10 shortest players in NBA history.

Who is the shortest player in NBA history?

Who was the best short NBA player? Muggsy Bogues is the shortest player in NBA history, listed at 5 foot 3. He was drafted 12th overall by the Washington Bullets in 1987 and played later played for the Hornets, Warriors, and Raptors. Muggsy was regarded as a great passer and stealer. Earl Boykins, Melvin Hirsh, Anthony Webb, Greg Grant, Louis Klotz, Wataru Misaka, Monte Towe, Kieth Jennings, and Charlie Criss are mentioned in our list.

RankingsThe 10 Shortest Players in NBA HistoryHeight (ft)
1Muggsy Bogues 5 foot 3
2Earl Boykins5 foot 5
=3Melvin Hirsh5 foot 6
4Anthony Webb5 foot 7
=5 Greg Grant5 foot 7
6Louis Klotz5 foot 7
=7Wataru Misaka5 foot 7
8Monte Towe5 foot 7
=9Kieth Jennings5 foot 7
10Charlie Criss5 foot 8
List of top 10 ranked shortest players! Who are the shortest players in NBA history?

1. Muggsy Bogues, 5 foot 3

Muggsy Bogues-shortest player in NBA history
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Muggsy Bogues is ranked 1st on our list of the top 10 shortest players in NBA history. This player is measuring 5 foot 3 making him the shortest player ever in history. He is well popular for the height of his career in basketball classic in the 1996 era. Muggsy appeared in pace Jam alongside Micheal Jordon and several NBA players. Due to his height, he got a nickname from neighborhood players called mugging. Sometimes you need to prove to yourself in every single game that you are the greatest despite your height. Even if people told him he can’t make it in NBA history, he had to prove them wrong that everything is possible.

He was an outstanding defender, quick with incredible dribbling skills on the court. This player for 14 conservative seasons in his career and he was considered the most notable guard ever in the history of the NBA. Right now he is the head coach of the United Faith Christian Academy basketball team. Bogues is aged 57 right now with a listed weight of 62 kg. In fact, after his basketball career, he had to join a coaching career from 2005 to 2014. He has 6858 points, 6726 assists and 1369 steals in his career statistics with FIBA World Championship representing the United States in Spain 1986.

2. Earl Boykins, 5 foot 5

Earl Boykins
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Earl Boykins has 5 foot 5 in height and ranked 2nd on our list as the shortest player in National Basketball Association history. Nothing prevented him from playing since he wasn’t the shortest in his NBA career since he played 652 games in his career. Starting his basketball career when he was very young and he never knew how to dribble the tennis ball either. When he was three he took away the basketball from his father’s gym bag showing his interest in sportsmanship. He weighed 133 pounds yet he can bench press 315 pounds nearly two and half times in weight. Boykins attended Eastern Michigan University from 1994 to 1998 thus joining the Eagle Basketball team. He is known to be the second leading scorer in his nation and the best guard in the history of the NBA.

This NBA’s shortest player has incredible speed, amazing ball-handling skills, and accurate passing and shooting skills. All these aspects make him one of the best players of all time. In 2008, he made a mark on his by joining NBA and spending a season in the Italian A league. Wizard signed him in 2009 and went to play for Milwaukee Bucks and Houston. Right now he is an assistant coach in the USA Conference league with an incredible history. With 5,791 points, 877 rebounds, and 2,092 assists winning a gold medal representing the US Summer Universiade competitions in 1997.

=3. Melvin Hirsh, 5 foot 6

Melvin Hirsh-shortest player in NBA history

Melvin Hirsch held the shortest basketball player title for 42 years during his career. This player weighed 5 foot 6 while he was playing for Boston Celtics. playing 13 games in his short career from 1946 to 1947. Even though less is known about Melvin but he was born in Newyork in 1921. Attended Brooklyn College in the 1940s where he leaned and played basketball. This player was given a chance by Manhatten College in the last game but he lost that chance thus losing in the 1941 season. In 1946, this player joined Boston playing 13 games and the Celtics missed the playoffs and scored 19 points for team. Melvin played as a point guard wearing number 3.

4. Anthony Webb, 5 foot 7

Anthony Webb

Webb is the shortest player in National Basketball Association history with a height of 5 feet 7. Many people were curious to know about his height therefore Webb will always be the best dunk in his era. He proved himself by winning the Dunk Contest in the 1986 games breaking the criticism of his shortness. Webb played as a point guard playing 814 games in NBA history with an average of 9.9 points per game. He was offered a scholarship to North Carolina State University in 1983. Therefore he is remembered at NCSU as a satellite who could practically leap into orbit.

Webb signed for Atalanta Hawks in 1985 and went to play with Sacramento Kings, Orlando Magic, and Timberwolves. As a player, he won the NBA Slam-dunk contest as the shortest player to do so in the history of the NBA. With 8,072 points, 1742 rebounds, and 4,342 assists in his career in NBA history.

=5. Greg Grant, 5 foot 7

Greg Grant-shortest player in NBA history
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Greg Grant is ranked 5th on our list as the shortest player in National Basketball Association history at 5 foot 7 in height. This player had incredible skills and energy to dribble the balls. though he was vertically challenged in NBA history. Grant was the kind of player who could come from the bench and makes the crowd cheerful. That means he was a game changer as said by his coach Jim Lynam. Played for the Warriors and then he was drafted in 1989 to Phoenix where he was a free agent until 1990. He joined the Warriors in 1991 as a point guard where he played until 1993. In 1994, Grant joined Orlando Magic but he always credited the time he spent with the warriors under the guidance of Lynam. Greg had confidence in all the games that he played during his career.

Grant complied 2,000 points and 1,000 rebounds in his career playing as a small forward from 1986 to 1987. He won the PCAA co-player of the year award in 1986, and the PCAA Freshman of the Year in 1983. Most people consider him a game changer with amazing skills on the court.

6. Louis Klotz, 5 foot 7

Louis Klotz

Louis Klotz is another unknown NBA shortest player of his era having a height of 5 foot 7. Misaka had the special recognition of being the foremost player of Asian drop to get into the NBA. Remembered for his vibrant red hairstyle and height, completing show contests against the Harlem Globetrotters for better than 50 years. In 1947, he joined the Baltimore Bullets as a point guard for five years. After completing his contract he joined the American League playing for the Warriors team. But his team became a legendary team winning in 1971 with only 13000 losses and games played. In 1995, he changed his team to New york nationals thus changing his luck winning all titles with the New york team.

Most importantly this player became the ambassador of basketball spreading the love of the game. He was playing as a point guard wearing a shirt number 20 coaching over 14000 games during eight decades in over 100 countries.

=7. Wataru Misaka, 5 foot 7

Wataru Misaka-shortest player in NBA history
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Wataru Misaka has a height of 5 feet 7 ranking 7th in our list as the shortest player in National Basketball Association history. He was born in Ogden, Utah, and went to his high school at the start of world war 2. During his youthful age, he sorrowed more intolerance and intolerance since he was the Japanese nation. Wataru completed his high from the University of Utah and then got signed by Utah Utes. In 1944, he helped his team to win the NCAA Championship title. After two years he left his team and joined US Army after his services he joined back Utah team in 1947. This is where he won the National Invitation Tournament (NIT) championship.

After the completion of his college in 1947, he became the first Asian American shortest player to participate in NBA Competitions. Won the Utah Sports Hall of Fame in 1999.

8. Monte Towe, 5 foot 7

Monte Towe

Monte Towe played as point guard described as an underdog with a height of 5 feet 7 regarded as the shortest player in NBA history. He had to prove to his fans that he is capable of playing amazing basketball games. In 1972, Towe enrolled at North Carolina State University and he was signed by the NC State Wolfpack team. After two years, Monte leads the team to the national championship finals. He was an extremely talented and confident player on the court though he had disagreements within the team. Called a man of attitude by Fellow player Davis Thompson.

Later on, he was drafted to Denver Nuggets from 1976 to 1977 where he played and later on retired acting as a head coach of NC State. In his coaching career, he has coached several different universities. Currently, he is an assistant coach at Middle Tennessee State University.

=9. Kieth Jennings, 5 foot 7

Kieth Jennings

Kieth Jennings had a nickname of Mister with a height of 5 foot 7 considering his height to be the barrier of his career. But he looked forward to playing NBA despite his shortest. Kieth felt it easier to play with big guys in NBA Sports since he didn’t mind his personality. He graduated from East Tennessee State University in 1991 and joined California Golden State Warriors in 1992 as a point guard for 3 years. After his playing career, he joined as a head coach in various schools and colleges in Virginia and Tennessee. Right now he is the head coach of East Tennesse State University winning the Athletic Hall of Fame in 2013.

10. Charlie Criss, 5 foot 8

Charlie Criss-shortest player in NBA history
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Charlie Criss is listed as the shortest player in National Basketball Association history. Criss is the only NBA player with 5 foot 8 height, who graduated from New Mexico State University. Also, he played for the continental basketball association and was voted twice as the most valuable player of the year. Charlie had a dream of playing in the NBA league seven years after leaving college, his dream came to be fulfilled after joining Atlanta Hawks. He was playing as a point guard and joined NBA when he was 28 years of age.

When he joined Atalanta, his coach Hubie Brown praised him due to his speed, ability to shoot, and passing skills on the court. That’s why he was chosen as the best guard for Atalanta Hawks. After his retirement as a player, he worked as a golf instructor, on an Atlanta Hawks television. Kieth had career statistics of 3,534 points, 592 rebounds, and 1335 assists.

Who is the shortest player in NBA history?

Muggsy Bogues with a height of 5 foot 3 tall

How many NBA players are there?

450 players approximately

What team did the shortest NBA player play on?

Muggsy Bogues played for Washington Bullets, Charlotte Hornets, Golden State Warriors, and Toronto Raptors.

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