The 30 Richest NBA Teams in 2023

The 30 Richest NBA Teams | Most Valuable NBA franchises

The richest NBA teams have remained the same from the previous financial year, with a few changes. The NBA is one of the most lucrative sports leagues in the world, especially in the United States. The NBA continues to prosper financially as a result of sportsmen obtaining numerous lucrative contracts and spectators packing packed arenas.

Yet given that the NBA’s finances are better than ever due to multibillion-dollar media deals, things will probably keep getting better for the wealthiest basketball teams in the league. The NBA, which is always expanding, was unaffected by a global pandemic that forced NBA arenas across the nation to close. The value of every club in the league is at least $1 billion, and the top three NBA franchises have a combined value of nearly $6 billion, which is increasing yearly. Various news organizations, including The New York Times, Forbes, and Sports Illustrated, have made references in related stories or engaged in analytical research in response to the rating.

Here are the top 30 richest NBA franchises in 2023:

1. Golden State Warriors – $7.56B

Gold State Warriors is an NBA franchise founded in Philadelphia in 1946. In the early days, this franchise name was just the Warriors, then they moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1962 and took on the title of the city until changing their name to Golden State in 1971. The club plays its home games at the Chase Center arena. The current NBA champion Golden State Warriors have seen their franchise value increase from $450 million to over $7 billion in just 13 years. This is as a result of the Dubs winning the Larry O’Brien trophy six times during their eleven Finals appearances.

2. New York Knicks – $6.58B

According to the rankings, the most valuable NBA team is the New York Knicks, but as of 2023, the New York Knicks are the second-most valuable NBA franchise, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers. Having not won an NBA championship in the last five decades, this NBA franchise is still very successful in terms of revenue and valuation. The team, also known as the “Knickerbockers,” has a high success rate because it plays its home games at Madison Square Garden arena. The team is well recognized by the business community of New York, which has the largest media market in the United States.

3. Los Angeles Lakers – $6.44B

If this list was ranked by the number of championships won, the Los Angeles Lakers would be at the top. The Lakers are among the most successful teams in NBA history, having won 17 NBA championships, tying the Boston Celtics for the most in league history, but they are the third most valuable franchise in the league. With franchise players like Shaquille O’Neal, Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James, it stands to reason that the most popular franchise would make the top three.

4. Chicago Bulls – $4.09B

The Bulls were founded on January 16, 1966, and they played their inaugural match during the NBA season of 1966–1967. The home arena for the Chicago Bulls is the United Center, which is on the West Side of Chicago. The Bulls have come a long way since the time of Michael Jordan, but they still rank comfortably in fourth place among the richest NBA teams. The Chicago Bulls have won six NBA championships under Michael Jordan.

5. Boston Celtics – $3.92B

The Boston Celtics, one of the original eight teams in the league, play their home games at TD Garden. The Celtics were founded in 1946. While being one of the most successful basketball teams in NBA history, the Boston Celtics are still ranked fifth on the list of the richest NBA teams. Since winning their first championship in 1957, the Celtics have won major trophies and seen many hall of fame players play in TD Garden. Another important supporting cast member of the Boston Celtics’ success is Bill Russell. The Boston Celtics are undoubtedly the most illustrious NBA teams in basketball history.

6. Brooklyn Nets – $3.86B

The New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets are the two NBA teams based in New York City. As a charter franchise of the American Basketball Association (ABA), the NBA’s main competition, the team was established in 1967.  In 2017, the Nets were valued at about $2.3 billion, but since then, their value has increased by more than $1 billion. Due to the trades of star players like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant from the Brooklyn Nets in 2023, the value of the team’s key players has definitely dropped.

7. Los Angeles Clippers – $3.73B

The Clippers have gone on quite the journey when they first entered the NBA in 1970 as the Buffalo Braves. Since then, the Los Angeles Clippers’ value has dramatically increased. Despite not having any NBA championships to its name, the team is clearly forging its own identity. The Clippers play their home games at Arena, which they share with the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA, the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA, and the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL. Specifically, the “Intuit Dome,” where the Clippers hope to start playing their home games in 2024–25.

8. Toronto Raptors – $3.34B

The Raptors are the most valuable NBA team in the nation with a reported value of $3.34 billion. Since 2012, when the team’s estimated worth was $400 million, their value has increased by more than 400%, giving them a distinct advantage in the market. Scotiabank Arena is the home arena for the Toronto Raptors. Since the Grizzlies moved from Vancouver to Memphis, Tennessee, during the 2001–02 season, the Raptors have been the only Canadian-based team in the league. 

9. Houston Rockets – $3.3B

Six years after being acquired by owner Tilman Fertitta for a record-breaking $2.2 billion in 2017, the Rockets currently ranked 9th in terms of richest NBA team valuation. The Toyota Center in Houston’s financial district serves as the team’s home arena. Houston Rockets has won two NBA titles and four Western Conference titles over its existence. As an expansion team with its original home in San Diego, it was founded in 1967 as the San Diego Rockets. The Rockets moved to Houston in 1971.

10. Dallas Mavericks – $3.26B

Dallas Mavericks are currently owned by investor Mark Cuban, who paid $285 million for the franchise. The team competes at the American Airlines Center and has won four division titles (1987, 2007, 2010, 2021), two conference championships (2006, 2011), and one NBA championship (2011). As the 10th most valuable franchise in the league, the Dallas Mavericks are in the top 10.

11. Philadelphia 76ers – $3.21B

The Philadelphia 76ers have their most devoted fan followers. This is one of the NBA’s first teams, having been established in 1946 as the Syracuse Nationals, and one of only eight out of 23 teams to survive with a huge fanbase. They have won three NBA titles, the first of which they won in 1955 while still known as the Syracuse Nationals. A team led by Chamberlain won the second championship in 1967. A squad led by Erving and Malone won the third NBA championship in 1983. They have not won a championship since 1983, the franchise is still the 11th richest NBA team in the world.

12. Miami Heat – $3.2B

The team plays its home games at FTX Arena and has won three NBA championships. Miami Heat made their debut as an expansion team in the 1988–89 season. The Miami Heat is the league’s 12th-richest NBA team. The Miami Heat team was acquired by Micky Arison for $33 million back in 1988, and as of 2023, it is predicted to be worth $3.2 billion because of the efforts of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and others.

13. Phoenix Suns – $3B

One of Phoenix’s four professional sports teams is the Suns. They are the only ones, though, who claim that they represent the city. In 2004, Sarver paid $401 million for the Suns; today, the team is currently valued at $3 billion. The Suns never won an NBA championship, and the recent mega-trade of Kevin Durant moves the franchise closer to title potential.

14. Washington Wizards – $2.7B

The Capital One Arena in Washington is where the club plays its home games. In Chicago, Illinois, the Chicago Packers were established in 1961; the following year, they changed their name to the Chicago Zephyrs. They changed their name to the Baltimore Bullets in 1963 after moving to Baltimore, Maryland, in honor of an earlier team with the same name. The team moved to the Washington metropolitan area in 1973, changed its name to the Capital Bullets, and the following year became the Washington Bullets.

In 1997, they changed the name to Washington Wizards. With the signing of Bradley Beal, one of the league’s top free agents, to a massive five-year, $251 million contract with the Wizards, the team has continued to demonstrate why it is one of the best in the game. Even though the team only has one championship, it is one of the richest NBA teams in the world.

15. Milwaukee Bucks – $2.43B

The Bucks are currently the 15th-richest NBA team, with a remarkable rise in value since the team was bought for $450 million in 2014. The club, which has won two NBA titles, keeps getting more valuable every year. The Milwaukee Bucks, an expansion team founded in 1968, now play at Fiserv Forum.

16. Sacramento Kings – $2.32B

The squad plays its home games at the Golden 1 Center. Their best seasons in the city, particularly the 2001–02 season, had occurred in the early 2000s. Since the 2005–2006 postseason, the Kings haven’t participated in the NBA playoffs, but it hasn’t stopped the team from conducting business off the court. With a value of 2.32 billion, they are the 16th richest NBA teams in the world.

17. Portland Trail Blazers – $2.29B

The Portland Trail Blazers played their home games at the Memorial Coliseum. Since their 1970 entrance into the league as a new team, the Trail Blazers have advanced significantly. Since, they have only won one NBA championship and have made 37 postseason appearances, but they missed the playoffs this season. Portland Trail Blazers are still the 17th richest NBA franchise in the world.

18. Atlanta Hawks – $2.19B

When the NBA was founded in 1949, one of the first teams to join was the Atlanta Hawks. The team hasn’t had much success after then, with the exception of one championship in 1958. The worth of the franchise has increased as a result of Trae Young and the young Hawks core’s ascent to contention. In 2021, they reached the Eastern Conference Finals, and this year they have advanced to the postseason.

19. San Antonio Spurs – $2.16B

The AT&T Center in San Antonio serves as the venue for the team’s home games. Following the ABA-NBA merger in 1976, the Spurs are one of four former American Basketball Association (ABA) clubs still playing in the NBA. With five NBA championships in six appearances in the finals, the Spurs are among some of the most successful teams on this list. The San Antonio Spurs were bought by Peter Holt of the Holt Family in 1993 for $76 million. In addition, as of the 2019–20 NBA season, the Spurs have the highest winning % among competing teams. The Spurs are now ranked 19th on the list of richest NBA teams overall.

20. Utah Jazz – $2.15B

The Northwest Division of the National Basketball Association is home to the Utah Jazz team. Since 1991, the franchise has held its home games at Vivint Arena. The New Orleans Jazz were the franchise’s expansion team debutants in 1974. The Jazz moved to Salt Lake City in 1979. The Utah Jazz’s worth has increased since franchise majority owner Ryan Smith paid the Miller family $1.66 billion for 80% of the team in December 2020. The Utah Jazz were able to reach six consecutive playoffs, although, they were one of the league’s least successful teams.

21. Denver Nuggets – $2.13B

Ball Arena is where the Denver Nuggets play their home games. The American Basketball Association (ABA)’s Denver Larks was founded as a charter franchise in 1967, but they changed their name to Rockets before their second season. The Denver Nuggets took the place of the Rockets as their new name in 1974. The Denver Nuggets played for the final ABA Championship title in 1976 after the name change but lost to the New York Nets. Stan Kroenke paid $450 million to buy the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche in 2000 to become the teams’ sole owners. Since that time, while not being able to claim an NBA championship, the Denver Nuggets have managed to make four consecutive postseason appearances, additionally, they are participating in the 2022–23 playoffs.

22. Indiana Pacers – $2.02B

For many years, the Indiana Pacers have been a reliable team in the Eastern Conference. Three ABA titles have been won by the Pacers. The Pacers have missed the playoffs for the last four seasons, including this one with a record of (35–47). Perhaps the team is still managed to be one of the richest NBA teams with a value of over 2 billion.

23. Cleveland Cavaliers – $1.95B

The 1970–71 season saw the Cavaliers make their debut as an expansion NBA franchise. Before winning their first divisional championship in 1976, they had five straight losing seasons. The Cleveland Cavaliers’ narrative was entirely different; they went from being a club without a single championship to having LeBron James and Kyrie Irving make history by winning the NBA championship in 2016. Although Cleveland has gone a long way, its golden age may be over. The squad hasn’t participated in the playoffs since LeBron James’ departure in 2018, but they are doing so this year (2022–2023).

24. Orlando Magic – $1.91B

The Orlando Magic was founded in 1989 as an expansion NBA franchise and has since grown to be a respected fixture in the Orlando sports industry. Orlando is the second-most successful of the four expansion teams that were added to the league in 1988 and 1989 in terms of winning percentage and postseason success. The squad has only twice made the playoffs in the last 11 years, and with a record of 34–48, they also failed to qualify for the playoffs this season. They have also never won the NBA championship.

25. Detroit Pistons – $1.82B

Another team going through a rebuilding process is the Detroit Pistons, who have been emphasizing the growth of their young players. Even though they have won three NBA championships since the league’s founding, the Detroit Pistons franchise is one of the least expensive in the league. As of 2022–23, they missed the playoffs because they had been eliminated in each of the previous three playoff appearances. Their fans are devoted and they have a long history.

26. Charlotte Hornets – $1.77B

Despite being owned by Michael Jordan, the Charlotte Hornets are not the most valuable franchise in the NBA. In 2010, Michael Jordan paid approximately $275 million to acquire the Charlotte Hornets. The Charlotte Hornets have a youthful core of excellent players and have been acquiring players through the draft. They have never won an NBA championship and have not participated in the playoffs since 2017. The Charlotte Hornets are thought to be valued at $1.77B in total.

27. Oklahoma City Thunder – $1.75B

The $1.75 billion valuation of the Oklahoma City Thunder team places them 27th among the richest NBA teams. In 2006, Clay Bennett spent $350 million to buy the team. Overall, ten seasons after moving from Seattle, the Thunder have made the NBA Playoffs 22 times as the SuperSonics.

28. Minnesota Timberwolves – $1.7B

Despite recent struggles, the Minnesota Timberwolves boast a quality group of players. Off the court, the Timberwolves have been involved in the neighborhood, assisting neighborhood projects and groups. The NBA last year gave its approval to the $1.5 billion sale of the Timberwolves to businessman and investor Marc Lore and former baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

29. Memphis Grizzlies – $1.67B

The Grizzlies are quickly becoming one of the league’s most well-developed franchises. Ja Morant is helping the Grizzlies evolve into one of the finest teams in the league, but they are still ranked 29th among the richest NBA teams. The Memphis Grizzlies are a basketball team headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.

30. New Orleans Pelicans – $1.63B

There haven’t been many histories for the Pelicans, but it has been interesting. They selected Chris Paul, a franchise pillar who helped them reach the playoffs in 2008, in their first season of existence. The squad, however, had difficulty experiencing consistent success and failed to make the playoffs in each of the next four seasons. The New Orleans Hornets franchise changed its name to the New Orleans Pelicans in 2012 to better reflect the city’s wildlife and culture. The new name and logo were well accepted by fans and the neighborhood. Still, the Pelicans are considered to be the lowest franchise value in the league, valued at $1.63 billion.

The NBA’s Most Valuable Teams In 2023

RankingRichest NBA TeamTeam Value
1Golden State Warriors$7.56 billion
2New York Knicks$6.58 billion
3Los Angeles Lakers$6.44 billion
4Chicago Bulls$4.09 billion
5Boston Celtics$3.92 billion
6Brooklyn Nets$3.86 billion
7Los Angeles Clippers$3.73 billion
8Toronto Raptors$3.34 billion
9Houston Rockets$3.3 billion
10Dallas Mavericks$3.26 billion
11Philadelphia 76ers$3.21 billion
12Miami Heat$3.2 billion
13Phoenix Suns$3 billion
14Washington Wizards$2.7 billion
15Milwaukee Bucks$2.43 billion
16Sacramento Kings$2.32 billion
17Portland Trail Blazers$2.29 billion
18Atlanta Hawks$2.19 billion
19San Antonio Spurs$2.16 billion
20Utah Jazz$2.15 billion
21Denver Nuggets$2.13 billion
22Indiana Pacers$2.02 billion
23Cleveland Cavaliers$1.95 billion
24Orlando Magic$1.91 billion
25Detroit Pistons$1.82 billion
26Charlotte Hornets$1.77 billion
27Oklahoma City Thunder$1.75 billion
28Minnesota Timberwolves$1.7 billion
29Memphis Grizzlies$1.67 billion
30New Orleans Pelicans$1.63 billion
2023 NBA Franchise Valuations Ranking

FAQs About Richest NBA Teams

Which is the richest NBA team?

The Golden State Warriors is the most valuable NBA franchise with $7.56B.

Why are NBA teams so rich?

The NBA’s main sources of revenue include television, merchandise, sponsorships, and ticket sales. However, it isn’t always the case. A straightforward response would be that NBA teams and owners profit from a combination of four determining elements that make up a team’s entire value: Market, Arena, Sport, and Brand.

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