Paolo Banchero Net Worth 2022: How much Paolo Banchero make?

Paolo Banchero Net Worth 2022: How much Paolo Banchero make?

As on October 2022, Paolo Banchero net worth is estimated at $2 million. He is currently a power forward for Orlando Magic in the NBA league. Paolo is an American basketball player born on 12th November 2002.

He started his professional NBA career in 2022, playing with one NBA team. In 2022 Paolo Banchero signed a four years contract deal with the Orlando Magic for a transfer fee of $50.158769 million. In 2022/23, Poole earns an annual average salary of $12,539,692 million per year with the Orlando Magic.

His guaranteed amount during Paolo’s contract signing is $22,663,200 million. And Paolo will be a free agent by the end of 2027. Therefore, this article will discuss Paolo Banchero’s Net worth, Salary, Contract, Endorsement, Age, height, and more.

Paole Banchero Net Worth 2022

As of 2022, Paolo Banchero Net Worth is $2 million playing as a power forward position for the Orlando Magic. Paolo gets an annual average salary of between $12,539,692 million in 2022/23 and a guaranteed signing fee of $22,663,200 million. However, Paolo also gets extra income from several endorsement deals from different various big brands. Therefore let’s see brief details of Paole Banchero’s Net Worth NBA Summary for 2022:

Full Name:Paolo Napoleon James Banchero
Nick Name:Paolo Banchero
Date of Birth:12th November 2002
Place of Birth:Washington, United States
Profession:NBA Player
Annual Average Salary:$12,539,692 million
Paola Net Worth:$1 million
Current NBA Team:Orlando Magic
Position:Power forward
Contract Years:4 years
Last Updated:2022

How much money will Paolo Banchero make?

How much money will Paolo Banchero make?

How much money does Paolo Banchero make a year? Paolo Banchero earns approximately a basic salary of $11.05 Million per year with Orlando Magic in the 2022/23 season. He joined the Magic from 2022 to 2026 signing a four-year contract fee of $50 million. He is one of Orlando Magic’s best NBA forward players in 2022. However, Paolo also has had several endorsements with famous brands like Jordan Brand. He will be the brand ambassador of Air Jordan 37.

Full Name:Paolo Napoleon James Banchero
Annual Average Salary:$12,539,692
Professional Player:American Professional Basketball Player
Monthly Income:$40,000
Signed With:Rookie Extension
Last Updated:2022

Current Contract

Paolo Banchero signed a four years NBA contract deal with Orlando Magic for $50 Million. In his new contract, he is guaranteed $22,663,200 Million with an annual average salary of $12.5 Million per year. Paolo earns a base salary of $11.05 million per year with a carrying cap hit of $11.05 million. He signed his new contract using rookie extensions and he is expected to be a free agent in 2026.

Full Name:Paolo Napoleon James Banchero
Average Salary:$12.5 million
Contract Duration:4 years
Signed Using:Rookie Extension
Guaranteed Amount:$22.6 million
Free Agent:2026
Last Updated:November 2022

Paolo Endorsement Deals

According to boardroom news, Paolo signed his multi-year Air Jordan 37 shoe contract deal. He also had talks with Adidas in the pre-season to wear a variety of shoes during his workout exercises. Paolo finalized his endorsement deal contract with Jordan brand on Thursday 2022.


Paolo Banchero was born in Seattle, Washington United States on 12 November 2000 aged 19 in 2022. He started his professional basketball career in 2022 playing for Orlando Magic where he played for four years. Paolo is an American NBA player who plays as a power forward for Orlando Magic. He joined Orlando in 2022 to present on a four-contract transfer deal signed for around $22.6 million for four years. His listed height of 6 feet by 10 inches with a listed weight of 113 kilograms.

Full Name:Paolo Napoleon James Banchero
Nick Name:Paolo Banchero
Listed Weight:113 kilograms
Date of Birth:12th November 2002
Place of Birth:Washington DC United States
Education Background:Duke University
NBA Draft:2022
Current Team:Orlando Magic
Career History:2022 to present
Position:Power forward
Net Worth 2022:$2 million
Last Updated:2022

Early Life

Paolo Banchero was born on 22 November 2022 in Washington, United States. His parents are Rhonda and Mario with two young siblings a girl and a boy. Paolo started playing basketball when he was only four years of age when he played with the Rotary Boys and Girls Club of Seattle. His mother is a great inspiration for his success in basketball sports. During his youthful stage, he usually focused more on sports and studying. He loved English subject more than other subjects.

Therefore Paolo turned into a prominent basketball player during his time as a youth. He was highly involved in sports competitions like NBA sports and studies which made him outstanding among other players. However, Paolo’s parents supported him during his early stage of basketball playing up to date.

Relationship & More

Paolo Banchero is currently playing for the Orlando Magic as a power forward from 2022 to the present. NBA League and the Magic consider Paolo as an upcoming young NBA player. Therefore Paolo signed his current NBA contract transfer for four years ending in 2026.

Parents:Rhonda and Mario
Marital Status:Unmarried
Siblings:Lio and Chris Banchero
Girlfriend:Not Revealed
Last Updated:2022

FAQs of Paolo Banchero net worth 2022

What is Paolo Banchero Parents?

Rhonda Banchero and Mario Banchero are Paolo Banchero parents.

How tall is Paolo Banchero?

Paolo Banchero is 6 feet 10 inches tall.

How much is Paolo Banchero contract worth?

Paolo Banchero’s contract worth in the 2022/23 season is $11.05 million.

How much does Paolo Banchero get paid?

Paolo Banchero is paid an annual average salary of $12,539,692 with a 4 years contract deal.

When was Paolo Banchero Born?

Paolo Banchero was born on 12 November 2022 aged 20 years now.

How much weight does Paolo Banchero lose per game?

Paolo Banchero loses seven pounds per game played.

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