Basketball, On a rectangular court, usually indoors, two teams of five players each compete. Each team attempts to score by tossing the ball through the opposing team’s goal, which is an elevated horizontal hoop and net known as a basket.

Best NBA season scoring leaders

NBA season scoring leaders

We’d all be curious to know of the best NBA season scoring leaders of all time. Well, The NBA was started back in 1946, and has been 75 years since its origin. The NBA regular season starts in October and runs up until April wherein each team gets a chance to play 82 games. The […]

Olympic Medalist in Basketball

List of Olympic Medalists in Basketball

Ain’t we all curious about the Olympic Medalists in Basketball? Well, this article includes all the players who have been recognized as the Olympic Medalists in the history of basketball. The USA’s Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi are the all-time leaders who took forth the spirit of Olympic medalists in basketball. Both of them have won five gold, while Teresa […]

List of current NBA head coaches

List of Current National Basketball Association Head Coaches

This list of current National Basketball Association Head Coaches has a total of 30 head coaches, but in this article, you’ll find the top 8 coaches in the NBA. The league consists of 30 teams and therefore we have a sum of 30 coaches. So, out of the 30 leagues, 29 are located in the […]