Net worth of Kevin Durant: How much money does Kevin Durant have?

Net Worth of Kevin Durant- 2022: Salary, Endorsement, & Assets.

As on October 2022, Kevin Durant’s net worth is estimated to be $200 million. He is currently playing as a Brooklyn Nets power forward from 2019 to the present. Kevin Durant is an American NBA player born on 29th September 1988. He started his professional NBA career in 2007 and the present playing for several teams. Kevin played for Seattle SuperSonics, Golden State Warriors, and Brooklyn Nets. He won several awards namely; Most Vulnerable player, Final MVP Award, and NBA Championship award in his career of NBA history. Kevin gets an annual average salary of $48,554,830 with Brooklyn Nets. Salary Kevin Durant is around  $42 million per year. According to Forbes, Kevin is among the highest-paid NBA players in 2022. Therefore, this article will discuss the salary of Kevin Durant, net worth, Contract, Assets, Age, height, and more.

How much does Kevin Durant make per game?

How much does Kevin Durant make per game?

As of October 2022, we break down Kevin Durant’s Salary per game in NBA season 2022 as $538,047, Salary per month $3,676,654, Salary per quarter $134,512, Salary per quarter $134,512, and Salary per week $848459. He is one of the highest-paid sports athletes in 2022 with a performance value of $32,500,000 with the Brooklyn Nets. Therefore Durant’s salary ranks fourth with a Net worth of $175.1 million. This NBA player was drafted 2nd in 2007 by Seattle SuperSonics

Kevin Durant Salary

Kevin Durant Salary Per Game:$538047
Kevin Durant Salary Month:$3676654
Kevin Durant Salary Contract:$44119845
Kevin Durant Salary Per Minute:$11209
Kevin Durant Salary Per Quarter:$134512
Kevin Durant Salary Per Week:$848459
Last Updated:October 2022

Kevin Durant Net Worth- 2022

Kevin Durant Net Worth- 2022

According to Celebrity Net Worth 2022, Kevin Durant’s Net Worth is $200 million playing as a small forward with Brooklyn Nets. His four years contract deal is estimated to be $194.2 million with Brooklyn Nets Golden State Warriors. Kevin gets an annual average salary of $48.1 million in the 2022/23 season with a base salary of $44 million per NBA season.

Full Name:Kevin Wayne Durant
Nick Name:Kevin Durant
Place of Birth:Washington DC United States
Current NBA Team:Brooklyn Nets
Date of Birth:29th, September 1988
Source of WealthNBA Profession, Endorsement deals, and Real Estate
League:National Basketball Association
Height:2.08 meters
Position:Small forward
Kevin Durant’s Net worth 2022:$200 million
Annual Average Salary:$48.1 million

Current Contract

Kevin Durant signed a four years contract deal with the Brooklyn Nets for a fee of $194.2 million, he will earn a base salary of $44.1 million per year. Kevin is also entitled to get an average salary of $48.1 million per year. His contract was between 2019 June and 2020 June whereby he would be earning $65 million in endeavors with his new team. The former NBA team Golden State Warriors wanted $164 million, however, Kevin also has a Nike contract deal earning $26 million per year. Combining both a Nike Contract and a Base Salary of $42 million, he has around $68 million.

Kevin Durant’s NBA Contract Deal:4 years
Current Team:Brooklyn Nets
Base Salary:$42 million
Annual Average Salary:$48 million
Contract Deal Amount:$194.2 million
Kevin Nike Contract Deal:$26 million per year
Last Updated:2022

Incomes of Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant has various sources of income off the court, he earns around $36 million in sponsorship deals with famous brands like Nike, Degree, and Gatorade. Summing up all his income from other sources, he earns around $65 million. Kevin also has his mall companies having deals with ESPN, FOX, Apple, and Showtime. Also, he has small shares with investment apps Acorns and Postmates.

Nick Name:Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant Endorsements and Incomes:Nike, Degree, Gatorade
Kevin Durant Stake holdings:Postmates and Investment app Acorns
Kevin Durant Media Production Deals:ESPN, FOX, Apple and Showtime
Last Updated:October, 2022


Kevin Durant was born in Washington DC, United States on 29th September 1988 aged 34 in 2022. He later on started his professional NBA career in 2007 playing for Seattle SuperSonics until 2016. Kevin is also an American NBA player who plays as a small forward for Brooklyn Nets. He joined the Brooklyn in 2019 to present on a four-contract transfer deal signed for around $194.2 Million. His listed height of 6 feet by 10 with a listed weight of 109 kilograms.

Full Name:Kevin Wayne Durant
Nick Name:Kevin Durant
Listed Weight:109 Kilograms
Place of Birth:Washington DC, United States
Date of Birth:September 29th 1988
Profession:American Professional Basketball Player
Kevin Durant’s Net Worth:$200 million
Annual Average Salary:$48 million
Position:Small forward
Playing Career:2007 to present
Last Updated:2022

Early Life of Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is a son of Wayne Pratt and Wanda Durant, born on 29th September 1988 in Washington DC United States. He was brought up by his family in Prince George’s county. Looking at his educational background, he went to Oak Hill Academy for two years. After two years of playing basketball in his former college, he joined Montrose Christian School. While in Texas College between 2006 and 2007, Kevin was selected to join Seattle SuperSonics where he won the NBA draft in 2007.

Kevin played in various basketball teams before joining the NBA league. These teams are National Christian Academy, Oak Hill Academy, Texas College, and later on, Selected by Seattle SuperSonics. In 2019, he was traded to Brooklyn Nets by the Golden State Warriors at a fee of $194.2 million on a four-year contract deal.

Relationship, Teams & More

Kevin Durant’s personal life is mostly private, especially the cars he drives and houses. In 2014, he got engaged to Monica Wright 2014. However, Kevin also dated Cassandra Anderson who he considers his wife in 2022. He also has an interest in the real estate business since he listed his home estate for sale in May 2019 for $13.495 million. Kevin spent $12.05 million on his bench-front home in Malibu, California in 2018.

FAQs of Kevin Durant’s net worth- 2022

What is Kevin Durant’s Net Worth 2022?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kevin Durant’s Net Worth is $200 million.

How old is Kevin Durant?

Kevin Durant is currently 34 years of age born on 29th September 1998

Who is Kevin Durant’s Girl Friend?

Cassandra Anderson

How much money has Kevin Durant made?

Kevin Durant has made $300 million as a professional NBA player

How much money does Kevin Durant make a year?

Kevin Durant makes around $44,119,845 a year

How tall is Kevin Durant?

Kevin Durant has a height of 2.06 meters.

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