NBA referees salary: how much do they make in NBA?

NBA referees salary: how much do they make in NBA?

Do you know the NBA referees salary? For the first time, we are here to reveal the NBA referees’ salaries and know what is the current NBA referee salary structure. According to the most recent estimates, NBA referees earn between $180,000 and $550,000 per year. According to other projections, the starting salary for new referees will be around $250,000.

Referee salaries are now almost 10x more than they were in the 1980s when they ran from $18,000 to $80,000 per season. According to reports, the referee’s annual remuneration was from $72,000 to $177,000 in 1994. The referee’s salaries have increased exponentially, even when looking back a decade. NBA referee compensation started at $91,000 in 2009.

A new collective bargaining deal between the NBA and the National Basketball Referees Association was reached, and it will be in effect through the summer of 2028-29. According to league policy, the specifics of the new contract won’t be made public.

Entry-level NBA referees are at the lowest end of the spectrum and earn more money as they advance in the league. According to official reports by, referees get paid up to $30,000 for every game during the NBA Finals.

Here’s the NBA Referees Salary Breakdown: How much do NBA refs get paid?

NBA Referee Salary Overview

An NBA referee’s salary is determined by seniority as well as performance. Each NBA referee’s salary varies, but a few referees earn up to $7,000 per game and $30,000 for each semifinal and NBA Finals game.

  • The starting salary for an entry-level referee is $600 per game or about $250,000 per year.
  • Seasoned or professional referees can earn up to $550,000 per year or $3,500 per game.
  • If a match official is able to land a playoff game, they can earn between $800 to $5,000 per postseason game.

NBA Referees Salary Chart Overview:

CategoriesPer Match FeesPlay-Off Season Match FeesYearly Earnings
Professional NBA Referees$7,000$9,000 up to $30,000$550,000
Entry Level NBA Referees$600-3,500NA$250,000
Women NBA Referees$450-500NA$16,000

Who is the highest paid referee in the NBA? – 2022-23

Match OfficialsPer Match FeesPlay-Off Season Match FeesSemifinals and Final Match FeesYearly Earnings
James Capers$7,000$9,000$30,000$550,000
Sean Corbin$7,000$9,000$30,000$550,000
Tony Brothers$7,000$9,000$30,000$550,000
Rodney Mott$7,000$9,000$30,000$550,000
Scott Foster$7,000$9,000$30,000$550,000
Ken Mauer$7,000$9,000$30,000$550,000
Pat Fraher$7,000$9,000$30,000$550,000
Tom Washington$7,000$9,000$30,000$550,000
Marc Davis$7,000$9,000$30,000$550,000
Eric Lewis$7,000$9,000$25,000$500,000
Michael Smith$7,000$9,000$25,000$500,000
Leon Wood$7,000$9,000$25,000$500,000
Tony Brown$7,000$9,000$25,000$500,000
Leon Wood$7,000$9,000$25,000$500,000
David Guthrie$7,000$9,000$25,000$500,000
John Goble$7,000$9,000$25,000$500,000
Leroy Richardson$7,000$9,000$25,000$500,000
Scott Wall$7,000$9,000$25,000$500,000
Sean Wright$7,000$9,000$25,000$500,000
Mark Ayotte$7,000$9,000$25,000$500,000
Derek Richardson$7,000$9,000$25,000$500,000
NBA Referees Salary: Highest Paid NBA Referees In 2022-23

Highest paid refs in the NBA

  • Ken Mauer: Entering his 35th season.
  • Tom Washington: Entering his 30th season.
  • Scott Foster: Entering his 29th season.
  • Tony Brothers: Entering his 29th season.
  • Sean Corbin: Entering his 26th season.
  • James Capers: Entering his 26th season.
  • Rodney Mott: Entering his 23rd season.
  • Marc Davis: Entering his 23rd season.
  • Pat Fraher: Entering his 20th season.
  • Eric Lewis: Entering his 17th season.

NBA Officials 2022-23 PDF Guide

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