Revealing! Who Has The Most Points In NBA Playoff Game?

Who Has The Most Points In NBA Playoff Game - Michael Jordan 63 points vs Celtics

Discover who has scored the most points in NBA playoff game. Michael Jordan has the most points in a playoff game with 63 points against the Celtics in 1986. Throughout the playoff run, Michael Jordan averaged 31.1 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 8.4 assists per game. His shooting percentage was 52.4% from the field while attempting 22.1 shots per game.

There are some great players with the most points in NBA playoff games. These players get more attention during the playoffs, the NBA playoffs have been a fantastic environment. Michael Jordan, Elgin Baylor, and Donovan Mitchell all played outstanding playoff games to help their teams to win championships when they were most needed. Ranking the top 100 greatest playoff performers considering both rings and individual performances.

NBA players must fly up and down the court during the playoffs, playing both defensive and offensive games. When it comes to winning championships, their speed, size, and skills are crucial in playoff games. Here is the list of NBA players who scored the most points in NBA playoff game?

Most points scored in a single game in the playoffs

The most points ever scored in an NBA playoff game were 63 by Michael Jordan against the Boston Celtics in the 1986 First Round.

1Michael Jordan63
2Elgin Baylor61
3Donovan Mitchell57
4Charles Barkley56
5Michael Jordan56
6Wilt Chamberlain56
7Damian Lillard55
8Allen Iverson55
9Michael Jordan55
10Michael Jordan55
11Michael Jordan55
12Rick Barry55
13Allen Iverson54
14Michael Jordan54
15John Havlicek54
16Isaiah Thomas53
17Jerry West53
18Wilt Chamberlain53
19Allen Iverson52
20Jerry West52
21Donovan Mitchell51
22LeBron James51
23Russell Westbrook51
24Ray Allen51
25Sleepy Floyd51
26Sam Jones51
27Giannis Antetokounmpo50
28Jayson Tatum50
29Jamal Murray50
30Jamal Murray50
31Kevin Durant50
32Damian Lillard50
33Dirk Nowitzki50
34Kobe Bryant50
35Vince Carter50
36Karl Malone50
37Michael Jordan50
38Michael Jordan50
39Dominique Wilkins50
40Bob McAdoo50
41Billy Cunningham50
42Wilt Chamberlain50
43Wilt Chamberlain50
44Bob Pettit50
45Bob Cousy50
46Kevin Durant49
47LeBron James49
48LeBron James49
49Kobe Bryant49
50Michael Jordan49
51Hakeem Olajuwon49
52Michael Jordan49
53Jerry West49
54Elgin Baylor49
55Trae Young48
56Kevin Durant48
57Dirk Nowitzki48
58LeBron James48
59Steve Nash48
60Allen Iverson48
61Kobe Bryant48
62Michael Jordan48
63Michael Jordan48
64Jerry West48
65Jimmy Butler47
66Ja Morant47
67Devin Booker47
68Ja Morant47
69Stephen Curry47
70Anthony Davis47
71Russell Westbrook47
72LeBron James47
73Charles Barkley47
74Michael Jordan47
75Michael Jordan47
76Dominique Wilkins47
77Rick Barry47
78Sam Jones47
79Elgin Baylor47
80Elgin Baylor47
81George Mikan47
82Jayson Tatum46
83Luka Doncic46
84Kevin Durant46
85LeBron James46
86Russell Westbrook46
87LeBron James46
88LaMarcus Aldridge46
89Dwight Howard46
90Dwyane Wade46
91Tracy McGrady46
92Dirk Nowitzki46
93Paul Pierce46
94Allen Iverson46
95Shaquille O’Neal46
96Shaquille O’Neal46
97Michael Jordan46
98Kevin Johnson46
99Hakeem Olajuwon46
100Michael Jordan46
101Michael Jordan46
102Michael Jordan46
103Michael Jordan46
104Adrian Dantley46
105Bernard King46
106Bernard King46
107George Gervin46
108Elvin Hayes46
109Kareem Abdul-Jabbar46
110Zelmo Beaty46
111Wilt Chamberlain46
112Wilt Chamberlain46
113Wilt Chamberlain46
Most points in NBA playoff game

FAQs about most points in NBA playoff game

Who has the most 50 point playoff games?

The NBA’s greatest player, Michael Jordan, holds the record for eight playoff games with at least 50 points during his career.

Who has the most points in a single playoff series?

Michael Jordan has the most points in a single playoff series, with 135 in 1992 (45.0 ppg).

Who has the most 70-point games in NBA history?

The most games with 70+ points in a season record belong to Wilt Chamberlain, who had three of those games in 1962–1963 and 1961–1962.

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Michael Jordan’s record-setting 63-point playoff performance video – Source (ESPN)

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