Why Anthony Davis has the most points in an All-Star Games?

Anthony Davis has put up the most points in an All-Star Game, with 52 points versus the NBA Eastern Conference All-Stars on February 19, 2017, Stephen Curry, Wilt Chamberlain, Paul George, and Resell Westbrook. Anthony Davis holds the record for most points in an NBA All-Star game with 52 points. He broke the record of Wilt Chamberlain who was 54 years old while he was playing for New Orleans. Davis was recreating against the NBA Eastern Conference All-Star on February 19, 2017. In 2022 updates Stephen Curry wanted to break the record of Anthony Davis who has 52 points. The crowd cheered him while he was playing but he ended up getting 50 points and won All-Star Game MVP Award. Other plays that performed well are Joel Embiid who had 36 points and Giannis Antetokounmpo with 30 points on 71% shooting.

Anthony Davis is a legend in the history of NBA history with the list of NBA All-Star Game records. Why player do you think is the best in shooting? Why do you think Anthony Davis is the legend now? He had an attempt at 4 3-pointers where he succeeded with 66.7%. Here is the List of NBA All-Star Game records.

Who holds the record for most points in an NBA All-Star Games?

Rankings NBA All-Star Game record playersPoints
1Anthony Davis52
=2Stephen Curry50
3Wilt Chamberlain42
=4Paul George41
5Russell Westbrook41
List of top 5 Updates with the most points in NBA All-Star Games: Who ranks number one with the most points in NBA All-Star Games?
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1. Anthony Davis, 52 points

Anthony Davis-Most Points in NBA All-Star Games
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Who has the record for most points in NBA All-Star Game history? Anthony Davis* has made history for having the most points in an NBA All-Star game with 52 points. This incredibly talented player achieved this history during the 2017 NBA All-Star Games when he was playing for New Orleans. Due to his active nature, his fans love what he does both on the court and outside the court. These competitions were held in their hometown court. Before winning this record, Wilt Chamberlain recorded for most points in NBA All-Star Games. Everyone on the court that night was so excited about his achievement. And again as a player, he would enter the NBA book of record in history.

Davis and his teammates worked hard in that match where he was fed with the ball which made him keep going to hammer it down. He attempted four 3-pointers but he didn’t succeed in it, with his fantastic shooting range of 26 for 39 shooting attempts with 10 rebounds and two steals. This made him have 66.7% in the Western Conference games. No one doubted him for his skills since he scored a record of 30 points in one half. In the other half, he scored 39 shots in the game. His team won by 192 to 182 points in that game. No one else has broken his record Stephen had a chance of winning his game but he missed the opportunity.

=2. Stephen Curry, 50 points

 Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry* is also among the most points in NBA All-Star Games with 50 points on 30 shots. This talented player had 16 3-pointers in that game where he missed the opportunity to take over Davis. Curry had an amazing performance in 2022 playing for Cleveland. His shooting skills of about 17 for 30 made him acquire a percentage of 56% that night. Team LeBron won that night with an incredible performance of 163 to 160 points. He made zero three throws to get to his best as the All-Star Games MVP award winner.

Stephen made 16 long-range 3-pointers throws that made his a legend that night breaking a record of nine by seven throws. Do you know that Stephen is named the 2022 Kobe Bryant All-Star Games MVP award? Curry missed the last six shots in a row after when his leg got fatigued. During his game, his teammates fed him with the ball which made him effectively go 16 to 21 points. Making him get a percentage of 76% the two-time MVP also had five rebounds, two assists, two blocks, and a steal in 36 minutes. What an incredible performance it was that evening!

3. Wilt Chamberlain, 42 points

Wilt Chamberlain-Most Points in NBA All-Star Games
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Wilt Chamberlian* was the most point NBA All time games with 42 points before Anthony Davis broke his record with 52 points. This legendary player has a record of 55 years which was the most outstanding performance of all time. He had a nickname of “The Bigger Dipper” and he played for Philadelphia Warriors from the East. Wilt didn’t win any MVP honors in his career life. The year 1962 NBA All-Star Game was a year where Wilt should have his talent for deep shooting. Also that very night, he managed to get 42 points with an amazing performance of 17 to 23 thus having a percentage of 73.9%.

Most of the blocks in this game were not tracked and the 3-pointer line didn’t exist until 1079. Some tracks were recorded, he made 8 of three throws having a percentage of 50%. Wilt used to play the middle positioning with well-coordinated NBA Players who served him the ball for his deep shooting. The year 1962 was a great success in the career of Chamberlain. According to statistics he averaged 50.4 points and 25.7 rebounds that very season, with 100 point game in March 1962.

=4. Paul George, 41 points

 Paul George
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In the year 2016, Paul George* was playing for Toronto with 41 points. This makes him rank 4th in our list of most points in NBA All-Star Games. During that night as the crowd was spectating, Paul was creating history in NBA All-Star Toronto Games. Paul was playing for Indiana at that time while representing the Eastern Conference games. He set a record for the most 3-pointers in an All-Star game with nine triples on 19 attempts. This resulted in him obtaining 47.4% he was appearing for he was appearing third in NBA All-Star games.

Paul performed very well that night but unfortunately, he didn’t win the NBA All-Star games MVP Award. The reason was he had one point below to win the title but won the western conference champions with 196-173 winning OKC’s Russell with 31 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists, and 5 steals. His shooting attempts were zero but he scored 41 on 16 for 26 points giving him a percentage of 61%. All this magic happened in only 26 minutes and history was created up to date.

5. Russell Westbrook, 41 points

Russell Westbrook-Most Points in NBA All-Star Games

Russell’s magic of success came in 2017 while playing for New Orleans where he had 41 points in that game. He is ranked as the most NBA All-Star game which was an incredible weekend for him. Do you know what happened? Westbrook didn’t even lift the MVP Hardware award because Davis took over with 52 points. In the year 2015, he also performed very well thus winning All-Star game MVP honors for that night. Looking at the stats of this player, he had a percentage of 61.5 with a shooting of 7-13 resulting in him 53.8% from beyond the arc. All these trials happened with both free throw attempts in the entire game.

In 2015, he had fewer attempts for the game but he ended up making more threes and taking few throws. All this happened in 19 minutes and 42 seconds. It was the first All-Star game without Kobe Bryant. Westbrook also had 5 rebounds, 7 assists, and a steal off the bench. The defeat of Western Conference defeat was from East 192-182.

Who is the All-Star MVP 2022?

Giancarlo Stanton

Who scored 50 points in an All-Star Game?

Stephen Curry

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