Who has the most followers on Instagram in the NBA?

Top 10 players with most Instagram followers in the NBA

Which NBA player has the most fans on Instagram? LeBron James has 130 million followers on Instagram, and the next most-followed NBA player is Stephen Curry with just 45 million. Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving, Lonzo Ball, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Klay Thompson, and Chris Paul. However, Lebron James tops our list of most followed NBA players in 2022 with about 130 million followers on Instagram followed by Stephen Curry with around 45 million followers. LeBron gained around 5.2 million followers on Instagram during the playoffs. NBA is one of the most influential games in the world and has made a trademark of around 54.4 million people who love and follow this sports game.

Talking about the popularity of this game, the most famous and influential players are in NBA. Therefore we will be showing you a list of NBA players with rank with the most followers on Instagram 2022. This article will be considering only active NBA players right now. Which NBA player do you think is the most famous? I mean the one with many followers on Instagram. Let’s find out who ranks number one on our list of most followed NBA players on Instagram in 2022.

Which NBA player has the most followers on Instagram?

LeBron James is the most followed NBA player on Instagram with 130 million followers, followed by Stephen Curry with 45 million followers.

What NBA player has the most Instagram followers?
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List of the top 10 most followed NBA players on Social Media;

RankingsMost followed NBA players on InstagramInstagram Followers
1Lebron James130 million
=2Stephen Curry45 million
3Russell Westbrook20 million
=4Kyrie Irving17 million
5Lonzo Ball14 million
=6Giannius Antetokounmpo13 million
7Klay Thompson13 million
=8Chris Paul11 million
9Damian Lillard9 million
10Paul George9 million
NBA players with the most followers

1. Lebron James, 130m followers

Lebron James Most Followed NBA Player on Instagram 2022
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LeBron James is the top most followed NBA player on Instagram in 2022 with 130 million followers. James earns $420,000-$450000 per sponsored Instagram post and is the NBA’s highest-paid social media influencer. He is considered one of the most recognized sports stars in the world with the nickname “The Goat”. James’ popularity goes on in different areas such as politics and the entertainment world. His talent and ability to play NBA makes him so popular in NBA sports game.

With so many fans from Los Angeles Lakers that appreciate what he now makes he gains more popularity in NBA. Do you know that his social media games are considered multidimensional? Making him obtain the name of King James. This talented player has a celebrity manager and public figure coach called Mayah Riaz from the UK. This makes him get several brand endorsements.

His popularity arose in his junior years after appearing on the cover of sports illustrated, the magazine name was called “The Chosen One”. Also playing in his high school team called Cleveland Cavaliers made him get more followers. Besides that LeBron won three National Basket Ball Championships and four NBA MVP Awards in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. His winning two Olympic Gold Medals and scoring the most points in playoffs brought him more followers on his Instagram page. The LeBron Foundation nonprofit organization also drives traffic to his Instagram page.

=2. Steph Curry, 45m followers

Steph Curry-Instagram 44,933,170 Followers

Stephen Curry is most liked and followed on Instagram because of his calmness, and passion for the NBA Sports game. With 45 million followers on Instagram, as one of the greatest players who show love for the game when he hits the big shot of three points making him get more followers. Stephen has more fans and followers due to his skills on the court, he leads merchandise sales on NBA Website for three consecutive years. He has four NBA Championships, the Golden Warriors superstar making him the greatest of all time. This has made him so popular figure and the most followed NBA player on Instagram in 2022. What makes Curry popular even more, he has 38 games of nine made threes and more with only 789 games in his career.

Most followers visit his Instagram page since he is considered the fastest jump shot ever recorded by sports science. Also his looks and lifestyle as a normal person who simply is considered the greatest shooter makes him get more followers. He uses his family image which helps him get more followers, sometimes he uses his wife and children to make him gain more followers. Curry and his wife also have a nonprofit foundation called “the Eat. Learn. Play Foundation” which drives more followers to follow his main account.

3. Russell Westbrook, 20m followers

Russell Westbrook-Instagram 20,195,9905 Followers

Russell Westbrook has 20 million Instagram followers in 2022 ranking number 3 on our list of most followed NBA Players on Instagram. Followers keep increasing over time due to regular posting and endorsements with brands. Westbrook being a point guard player, is well known for his athleticism and statistical nature. Also, he has a long list of achievements namely; being a 9x NBA All-Star, and Olympic Gold Medalist. In 2017, he won most notably won the NBA Most Valuable Player Award. Feel free to check out Russell’s Instagram account (@russwest44) since he posts amazing interesting audio clips.

Another interesting fact when it comes to his Instagram follower is he removed all references to Lakers keeping Thunder posts only. Russell has an athletic body type and is gifted to have ever graced the NBA Sports. He is nicknamed the beast of NBA Sports as a legendary active player right now.

=4. Kyrie Irving, 17m followers

Kyrie Irving-Instagram 17,037,699 Followers
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Kyrie Irving has 17 million Instagram followers in 2022 ranking status in NBA Sports. With an Instagram profile (@kyrieirving) considered the most mercurial player in NBA Sports game right now. Also, Kyrie is well known for his outstanding ball handling during his games. This talented player has a seven-time All-time Star and a three-time member of the All-NBA Team. Another interesting fact about Irving is their shooting skills earning him 22 points on 9 of 21.

His fame and popularity on Instagram started during his games in his youthful time. Kyrie used to play for the Duke Blue Devils before he joined the Cavaliers in 2011. Besides being the best ball-handler in the NBA, Kyrie Irving is also one of the most marketable active players right now.

5. Lonzo Ball, 14m followers

 Lonzo Ball Most Followed NBA Player on Instagram 2022
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Lonzo Ball has 14 million Instagram followers in 2022 with an Instagram handle called (@lonzoball). This Chicago basketball player is well known for drafting 2 positions during the overall game competition with LA Lakers in 2017. Another interesting fact is that Ball and his brothers were playing together in high school with the signature shoe of his father LaVar. In 2017, Ball was already a media personality for his father’s company. His estimated earning on Instagram is $2k – $21K with an engagement rate of 2.45%

Ball also owns the Big Baller Brand thus enabling him to get more fans and followers to his main Instagram account.  In 2022, Ball signed a deal worth $33 million which pays him an average of $8 million. Thus being richer than his brother people follow him because he doesn’t need teammates to win any Championship. His demand growth is $ 21k per influencer post on Instagram.

=6. Giannius Antetokounmpo, 13m followers

Giannius Antetokounmpo
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Giannis Antetokounmpo has 13 million followers on his Instagram account. People are following him because he has proven himself as the best player in his draft class. He is also known now as the best player in Bucks in his era. Also, his Biography Explores Champion’s Family Life and the Legacy he has made by himself that’s why he has the nickname of the Greek Freak of NBA Sports. Giannis Antetokounmpo is a former two-time Kia MVP winner. He was a skinny young man who was unknown in a foreign land but he has kept his legacy high. Followers like him because he is a humble guy both at the court and outside the court.

The Greek Freak won back-to-back NBA MVP awards in 2019 and 2020 as a member of the Milwaukee team. This encouraged people to follow his Instagram account to know more about him. With his amazing talent and ability in NBA, he is celebrated for his great achievements. Giannis is considered the pride of Greece becoming the youngest player in franchise history to start All-Star Games.

7. Klay Thompson, 13m followers

Klay Thompson-Instagram 13,046,375 Followers
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Klay Thompson is also known as the most followed NBA player on Instagram in 2022 with 13 million Followers. His Instagram account is (@klaythompson) with a 3.35 percent influence rate meaning his profile is estimated with an average of 439.1k Influence. His engagement rate is 3.35% with average likes of about 439, 068 per Instagram post. Average comments are about 6,339 per post with a worth of USD 2K – USD 26K per post. This American professional player is estimated at around $70 million. His fame rose after winning five 3-pointers to give him 203 points that season. Thompson also praises his defense team in his career for the amazing work they are doing.

=8. Chris Paul, 11m followers

Chris Paul Most Followed NBA Player On Instagram 2022

Chris Paul has 11 million followers on Instagram with 1,515 uploads with 0.15% engagement. The estimated earnings on his account are $86-$k for any sponsored posts on his profile. His average likes per 20 published posts are 38.2k likes with an average comments of 397. Paul’s Instagram bio is @chrispaulfamfdn. Chris has won nine times All star Championships, The NBA eight times, and the All-Defensive team nine times making him an incredible player. In 2008 and 2012, he two Olympic gold medals. Paul is similarly competitive on Instagram racking 6.2 million followers for people who love his mistakes.

9. Damian Lillard, 9m followers

Damian Lillard-Instagram 9,640,248 Followers

Damian Lillard has 9 million followers on Instagram with 4,442 uploads and 0.45% engagement. His account has an estimated earning of $217-$3k for a sponsored post. Damian has an average like of 62.6k likes based on the last 20 published posts with 545 average comments. He can demand $ 3K per influencer post on Instagram. The Instagram Id of Damian Lillard is @damianlillard. Damian Lillard has more than 5 million combined followers on Instagram since he knows the power of social media. He uses captions on his posts such as they say the truth shall come to light which makes his followers read more of his captions.

10. Paul George, 9m followers

Paul George Most Followed NBA Player On Instagram 2022

Paul George has 9 million followers on Instagram, and 1,497 uploads with a 1.05% engagement rate. His estimated earnings per sponsored post are $507-$6k on his Instagram profile with an average of 111.8k likes. These likes are based on the last 20 published posts and 20 comments on the last 20 posts published. Paul George can demand $6K per influencer post on Instagram, with his Instagram Id of Paul George being @ygtrece. Paul George’s Instagram profile has a 1.30% influence rate with an Instagram post on this profile estimating an average of 127K Influence.

Who has the most followers on Instagram?

Christiano Ronaldo with over 475 million followers followed by Kylie Jenner with 366 million followers on Instagram.

What NBA player has the most Twitter followers?

LeBron James with 41 million followers on Twitter followed by Sure with 17 million followers.

Who is the best basketball player right now?

Stephen Curry is the best player in the NBA winning NBA finals MVP for the first time.

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