Jordan Poole Net Worth 2022: How much is Jordan Poole’s Net Worth?

Jordan Poole Net Worth 2022: How much is Jordan Poole Net Worth?

As on October 2022, Jordan Poole’s net worth is estimated at $3.9 million. He is currently a shooting guard for Golden State Warriors in the NBA league. Poole is an American basketball player born on 23rd June 1999.

Jordan Poole’s Net Worth is $3.9 million playing as a shooting guard position for the Golden State Warriors. Jordan gets an average salary of between $32 million in 2022/23 and a guaranteed signing fee of $123 million.

He started his professional NBA career in 2019, playing with one NBA team. In 2019 Jordan Poole signed a four years contract deal with the Golden State Warriors for a transfer fee of $10.09 million. In 2022/23, Poole earns an average salary of $32 Million per year with the Golden State Warriors. His guaranteed amount during Poole’s contract signing is $123 million. And Poole will be a free agent by the end of 2027. Therefore, this article will discuss Jordan Poole’s Net worth, Salary, Contract, Endorsement, Age, height, and more.

Jordan Poole Net Worth 2022

According to Celebrity Net Worth 2022 Jordan also gets extra income from several endorsement deals from different various big brands. Therefore let’s see brief details of Jalen Brunson’s Net Worth Summary for 2022:

Full Name:Jordan Anthony Poole
Nick Name:Jordon Poole
Date of Birth:19th June 1999
Place of Birth:Wisconsin United States
Current Nationality:American
Jordan Poole Net Worth 2022:$3.9 million
Profession:National Basketball Association Player
Position:Shooting Guard
Current NBA Team:Golden State Warriors
NBA Draft:2019
Average Salary:$32 million
Last Updated:November 2022

How much is Jordan Poole’s Salary?

How much is Jordan Poole’s Salary?

What is Jordan Poole’s Salary in 2022? Jordan Poole earns an average salary of $32 million per year with Golden State Warriors. He joined Golden State Warriors as a professional basket player from 2019 to the present. He is among the best shooting guard players who are well-paid in the 2022 NBA Season Competition. However, Poole also makes extra income from several endorsements with famous brands like Nike. There is no trace of Poole’s endorsement deals with any company, but we believe that he will have a huge sponsorship deal in the coming future.

Full Name:Jordan Anthony Poole
Profession:Professional American Basketball Player
Average Salary:$32 million
Guaranteed Amount:$123 million
Endorsement Deals:None
Last Updated:November 2022

Current Contract

In 2019, Jordon Poole joined Golden State Warriors as a shooting guard after signing a contract deal of four years. He was guaranteed a fee of $123 million. And his average salary per year would be $32 million per year in 2021/22. However, in the 2022/23 season, Jalen is paid a salary of $10.09 million per year.

According to ESPN News, Jordan Poole was to be paid $140 million for his contract extension by his agents and manager. Jordon signed his current contract using the Rookie for 4 years. He was guaranteed around $123 million. However, in the 2023 season, he will be a free agent. Take a look at Poole’s base salary from 2019 to 2022.

Jordon Poole’s base salary 2019:$1.96 million
Jordon Poole’s base salary 2020:$2.06 million
Jordon Poole’s base salary 2021:$2,16 million
Jordon Poole’s base salary 2022:$3.90 million
Last Updated:2022

Endorsement Deals 2022

According to ESPN News 2022, there is no available information about Poole endorsement deals. However since Poole is still aged 23 years of age, he has more opportunities to get more sponsorship deals in the future. Jordan is also well known for being a game changer as a shooting forward meaning more endorsement deals will knock on his door in future


Jordan Poole was born in Wisconsin, United States on 19th June 1999 aged 23 in 2022. He started his professional basketball career in 2019 playing for Golden State Warriors where he played for 4 years. Poole is an American professional NBA player who plays as a shooting guard. He joined the Golden State Warriors in 2019 to present on a four-contract transfer deal with a guaranteed amount of $123 million. His listed height of 6 feet by 4 inches with a listed weight of 88 kilograms. However, after finishing college in 2019, he was drafted as the best 2019 NBA player by Golden State Warriors.

Full NameJordan Anthony Poole
Nick NameJordan Poole
Date of Birth:19th June 1999
Place of Birth:Wisconsin United States
Listed Weight:88 kilograms
Listed Height:6 feet 4 inches
Education Background:Michigan
Profession:American Professional Basketball Player
Net Worth 2022:$3.9 million
Average Salary:$32 million
Last Updated:2022

Early Life

Jordan Anthony Poole was born on 19th June 1999 aged 23 in 2022 in Wisconsin United States. His mother is Monet Poole and his father is Anthony Poole. Poole grew up in a Christian family with his two siblings. Later on, he joined his high school from Rufus King High School where he represented his school in basketball competitions. However, Jordan also got a chance to visit Blue Chip High School during his high school times where basketball recruitment is taking place.

Unfortunately, he left his former school Rufus King High School since he got an amazing offer to play in the senior team of La Lumiere School in Indiana United States. In 2016, he was selected as the best All-Wisconsin league junior player after leading his team to the 2017 Dicks National High School Competitions. In 2019, Jordon was selected as the best 2019 NBA draft player of all NBA competitions.

Golden State Warriors signed Jordan Poole for a fee of $123 million for a four years contract deal in 2019. However, before joining their professional career in NBA, Jordan hit 3-pointers in the second round of the 2018 NCCA Tournament

Relationship, Wife & More

Jordan Poole is still single and open to relationships. He can date anyone he wants with no kids currently. But again, he is a dedicated and focused NBA player now who thinks more of his professional NBA career.

FAQs of Jordon Poole’s Net Worth 2022

How much does Jordon Poole Weigh?

Jordon Poole weighs 88 kilograms.

What is the current nationality of Jordon Pole?

Jordon Pole is an American National by Birth.

How many 3s has Jordan Poole have?

Jordan Poole has 211 3-pointers in the 2022 NBA Season.

What is Jordan Poole salary?

Jordon Poole is paid an average salary of $32 million to $33.6 million

Who is Jordon Poole girl friend?

Jordon Poole has a girlfriend called Kim Cruz.

Does Jordan Poole have a brother?

Yes, Jordon Poole has an elder brother and a sister.

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