7 Famous Indian Female Basketball Players

Best indian womens basketball team players

An article that will introduce you to the Indian female basketball players. In India, women’s sports, such as cricket and hockey, are not as popular as men’s sports. Despite the fact that India has a national squad for women’s basketball.

India has its own women’s national basketball team. Well, You aren’t the only one who didn’t realize this. The national team is unknown to the majority of the country’s people.

Men’s sports teams have always been more popular in the country than women’s sports teams. So, now we know of the Indian Basketball team, but do you know of the Indian female basketball players?

List of 7 Famous Indian female basketball players

No.Famous Indian female basketball players
1.Akanksha Singh
2.Prachi Tehlan
3.Geethu Anna Jose
4.Divya Singh
5.Prashanti Singh
6. Pratima Singh 
7.Poonam Chaturvedi

1. Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh - Indian female basketball players

With her excellent athletic abilities on show in a basketball game, Akanksha Singh has established herself as a sports hero. Our Indian women’s basketball team has her as one of the leaders. Her sisters, Divya Singh, Prashanti Singh, and Pratima Singh are renowned as the “wonderful four” Indian women’s basketballers, as well as the Singh Sisters.

She is a superb ball-handler who has been dubbed one of India’s top basketball players. Akanksha Singh made her Senior Nationals debut in 2003, when she was just an 11th grader, with the Uttar Pradesh squad. In India’s first professional basketball league, the MBPL 2010, Akanksha was named Most Valuable Player.

2. Prachi Tehlan

Prachi Tehlan- Indian female basketball players

Prachika is an actress and former netball and basketball player from India. Prachi was the former captain of the Indian national netball team, who competed in the 2010 Commonwealth Games and other key Asian tournaments in 2010-11. In 2011, the Indian netball team won the first medal in the South Asian Beach Games in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. Her exceptional abilities displayed in both basketball and netball tournaments have made her one of India’s female sports celebrities.

She began her sporting career while still in high school, playing basketball at the national level. In 2004, she was chosen three times to attend the Indian Camp in Cuttack, Odisha. Pondicherry and Karnataka hosted two sub-junior nationals under-14. 2002–03 In the under-17 division, he represented Delhi eight times, three of which the team placed.  1st place in inter-college basketball and 1st place in Inter-University in Bhubaneshwar and All India in Nelloor. Finished first in inter-college basketball and competed in the Inter-University tournament in Punjab.

3. Geethu Anna Jose

Geethu Anna Jose- Indian female basketball players

Geethu Jose is a married Indian basketball player who formerly served as the captain of the Indian women’s team. She is from Kerala and has competed in national and international basketball tournaments. Jose was born into a Syro-Malabar Catholic Nasrani household with no basketball experience.

Jose began playing volleyball as a youth before moving on to basketball with the Kerala Junior Basketball Association. She was seen by the Southern Railway basketball squad while playing in a championship competition for Kerala, and she joined Southern Railway in 2003.

Jose represented the Ringwood Hawks in the Australian Big V from 2006 to 2008, making her the first Indian woman to play professional basketball in Australia. She won the 3rd Asian Beach Games in 2012 after scoring 11 points versus China. Geethu and her spouse Rahul Koshi welcomed their first child, Aaryan, in 2015. Geethu was awarded the Arjuna Award in 2014–15 for her remarkable contributions to sports in India and abroad. Silver medalist in the 3-on-3 basketball competition at the Asian Indoor Games in Vietnam for Australian Most Valuable Player of the Year. Captain of the Indian Senior Women’s Team in the FIBA Asian Basketball Championship in Chennai. Chennai’s highest scorer for ABC.

4. Divya Singh

Divya Singh is a well-known former captain of India’s national women’s basketball team. In 2006, she captained the national basketball team, which competed in the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. Divya Singh is an Indian female basketball player who is noted for her captivating and attractive attitude in addition to her athletic abilities.

Her ability to lead, her academic proficiency, and her unquestionably lovely demeanor have always earned her a large following. Singh was the captain of the Indian women’s basketball squad in the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

Her gaming talents, leadership characteristics, intellectual strength, and charisma are well-known. She is employed by MTNL in Delhi. She is from the “Basketball Family of India” in Varanasi, where four of her five sisters have either played or are currently playing for the Indian national team. Prashanti, Akanksha, and Pratima, her sisters, have all played for the Indian National Women’s Basketball Team. Singh has coached in a number of Delhi colleges, including St. Stephen’s College and Jesus & Mary College. She also works with the Delhi women’s basketball team as a coach. In the Senior UP State Championship, held in Kanpur, the Best Player Award was given out.

5. Prashanti Singh – most famous Indian female basketball players

Prashanti Singh - Indian female basketball players

Prashanti Singh is a shooting guard for the national women’s basketball team and is from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. She is one of the ‘Singh sisters,’ having represented India at the 2006 Commonwealth Games, the 17th Asian Games in Incheon in 2014, and the 16th Asian Games. Prashanti Singh is the first female basketball player in our country who has been the subject of a documentary film and is one of the most attractive ladies in the sport. ‘Boskey Basketball Banaras’ is the name of the film that depicts her life and struggles. In addition, the picture was chosen as one of the top six films in the prestigious Satyajit Ray film festival. Prashanti competed for India at the Commonwealth Games in 2006 and the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou, China in 2010.

6. Pratima Singh 

Pratima Singh  - Indian female basketball players

is an active member of the Indian national women’s basketball team and a professional-level Indian basketball player. Since 2003, she has been playing basketball at a national level. Pratima Singh is a member of the Singh basketball family, and she and her sisters compete in national and international tournaments. Ishant Sharma, a well-known Indian cricketer, is Ratima Singh’s husband.

She is the team’s current captain and has received several honors for being the greatest basketball player in her contests. Pratima Singh is an excellent basketball player. In the year 2006, Pratima Singh was named to the Junior Indian squad, and in 2008, she led the Junior Indian Girls team.

She attended Jesus & Mary College from 2008 to 2009, when she earned several ‘Best Player’ awards at the university level. Her undergraduate classmates remembered her as a woman with a lot of styles and a lot of bravadoes. In the first-ever FIBA Asia Championship, she earned a gold medal for the country. She was also termed as a warrior, as she battled through a knee ailment with a lot of hard effort to avoid surgery, and then performed after a year of hard work to become the tournament’s best scorer in 2012. The Delhi Basket Ball Team has won several medals under her supervision, including the Junior National Championship in Dilwara, Rajasthan.

7. Poonam Chaturvedi – the Indian female basketball players

Poonam Chaturvedi - Indian female basketball players

Poonam Chaturvedi stands at an incredible 6 feet and 11 inches tall, making her the tallest basketball player in India. She is a well-known Indian female basketball player who is instantly observed by all spectators due to her incredible height. She is one of our country’s tallest female athletes and is developing into a superb basketball player.

Despite her frail arms, she dominates the other squad on the floor. She has competed in several international tournaments, including Youth India 2011, Junior India 2012, 3rd Junior India 2013, Senior Asian Cup 2017, and many more. Mr. Rajesh Patel is her coach’s name. Poonam Chaturvedi has always had people tilt their heads and twist their necks in order to have a better look at her simple games.

Poonam received a call from Mr. Rajesh Patel while performing in Kanpur. He gave her a spot on the Chhattisgarh squad, praising her height. Poonam also believed that Kanpur Stadium was unable to provide access to state- and national-level sports.

She later moved to Chhattisgarh and began playing for the state in 2009. She is the tallest Asian basketball player as well as being Indian. Poonam Chaturvedi presently works for the Indian Railways and is a strong player for the Indian women’s basketball team. Her head and shoulders are constantly visible above the rest of the field, and her game is readily discernible on the court.


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