Domantas Sabonis Net Worth: How much is Domantas Sabonis?

Domantas Sabonis Net Worth: How much is Jalen Brunson?

As of 2022, Domantas Sabonis’s net worth is estimated between $1 million to $6 million. He is currently a Center and Power forward for Sacramento Kings in the NBA league. Domantas is an American NBA player born on 3rd May 1996.

In 2022/23, Domantas Sabonis’s net worth is estimated between $1 million to $6 million. Domantas Sabonis earns an estimated salary of $18.5 Million per year with the New York Knicks. Domantas Sabonis’s average salary of $18.5 million per year with a daily income of $50,685 per day.

He started his professional NBA career in 2012- to the present. Sabonis has played for four different NBA teams before joining Sacramento Kings. On October 2019, Domantas signed a four years contract deal with the Sacramento Kings for a transfer fee of $74.9 million. Therefore, this article will discuss Domantas Sabonis’s net worth, Salary, Contract, Endorsement, Age, height, and more.

Domantas Sabonis Net Worth 2022

According to Celebrity Net Worth 2022, Jalen Brunson’s Net Worth is between $1 million to $6 million playing as a Center position for the Sacramento Kings. Domantas gets an average salary of between $18.7 million in 2022/23 and an average salary of $18.7 million. However, Brunson also gets extra income from several endorsement deals from different various big brands. Therefore let’s see brief details of Domantas Sabonis’s Net Worth Summary for 2022:

Full Name:Domantas Sabonis
Nick Name:Domantas Sabonis
Date of Birth:3rd May 1996
Place of Birth:Oregon United States
Profession:Professional NBA Player
League:National Basketball Association
Domantas Sabonis’s Net Worth:$1 million to $6 million
Average Salary:$18.7 million
Current Team:Sacramento Kings
Last Updated:November 2022

How much is Domantas Sabonis Salary?

How much is Domantas Sabonis Salary?

What is Domantas Sabonis’s Salary in 2022? Domantas Sabonis earns an average salary of $18.5 million per year with the Sacramento Kings. He joined Sacramento Kings as a professional NBA player in 2022 to present. He is among the best center players who are highly paid in the 2022/23 season. Therefore Domantas also makes extra income from several endorsements with the Rookie Scale deal earning approximately $7.7 million. He also has commercial deals with Citadele Bank and ANC Earbuds.

Full Name:Domantas Sabonis
Average Salary:$18.5 million per year
Professional Player:American Professional Basketball Player
Endorsement Income:$7.7 million
Endorsement Deals:Rookie Scale Deal, Citadele Bank, and ANC Earbuds.
Last Updated:November 2022

Current Contract

In 2022, Domantas Sabonis joined Sacramento Kings as a Center player were played for one season earning an annual salary of $18.7 million. Domantas signed a four years contract deal with the Pacers and he will a free agent in 2024. His new contract was signed using Rookie Extension with a contract fee and guarantee of $74900,000 million.

Full Name:Domantas Sabonis
Contract Duration:4 years
Contract Fee:$74900,000
Average Salary:$18725,000
Guaranteed Amount:$74900,000
Signed Using:Rookie Extension
Free Agent:2024

Domantas Sabonis Endorsement Deals

Domantas Sabonis has earned extra income from various endorsement deals with Rookie Scale Deal, Citadele Bank, and ANC Earbuds. However, Domantas also had a four years rookie scale deal contract worth $7.7 million. He also received a ring endorsement from Bradley Beal with Wizard Organization. On February 2021, Domantas was seen wearing the Nike Kobe 6 PE while playing for Indiana Pacers. Currently, Domantas has endorsements with Nike and Moose Knuckles Canada.

Domantas Sabonis Endorsement Deals:Nike and Moose Knuckles Canada.
Last Updated:November 2022


Domantas Sabonis was born in Oregon, United States on 3rd May 1996 aged 26 in 2022. He started his professional basketball career in 2012 playing for Unicaja Malaga where he played for 2 years. Domantas is an American NBA player who plays as a Center for Sacramento Kings. He joined the Sacramento Kings in 2022 to present on a four-contract deal for a fee of $74900,000. His listed height of 7 feet by 1 with a listed weight of 109 kilograms. Domantas was selected in the 2016 NBA Draft for round one by the Orlando Magic.

Full Name:Domantas Sabonis
Place of Birth:Portland, Oregon United States
Date of Birth:3rd May 1996
Nationality:American and Lithuanian
Height:6 feet 11 inches
Weight:109 kilograms
Age:26 years of age
Zodiac Sign:Taurus
Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Blue
Playing Career:2012 to present
Net Worth:Between $1 million to $6 million
Current NBA Team:Sacramento Kings
Jersey Number:10
League:National Basketball Association
Position:Center and Power forward
Last Updated:November 2022

Early Life of Domantas Sabonis

Domantas Sabonis was born in Oregon, United States on 3rd May 1996 aged 26 years now. He is the youngest son in the family after two elder brothers and a sister. His father’s name is Arvydas Sabonis and his mother’s name is Ingrida Mikelionyte. Domantas’s mother was a fashion model, the first Miss Lithuania, and an actress. He spent most of his youthful age in Portland even though he can from Kaunas, Lithuania. During his youthful stage, he used to watch his father playing basketball and his mother.

Domantas went to Sunny View School up to 2013, afterwards he joined his college at Gonzaga from 2014 to 2016. However, his father played basketball until 2003 in the NBA League. After he retired from the professional NBA, Arvydas took his family to stay in Spain. Young Domantas had to adapt to the new location and country but he attended a local high school called Malaga.

Relationships, family & More

Domantas Sabonis has a girlfriend called Shoshana Rosen who was proposed on September 2020. Their engagement was made on their Instagram social media handle post. However, very few close friends and family members were invited to the engagement ceremony. His girlfriend is older than Domantas born on 15th October 1992.

Looking at Rosen’s personal life, she is a professional dancer, a former dancer for Los Angeles Lakers. She is also a co-founder of The Company & Superstars Dance Studio located in Los Angeles. This couple has no kids yet.

Full Name:Domantas Sabonis
Parents:Arvydas Sabonis and Ingrida Mikelionyte
Children:No Children
Girl Friend:Shoshana Rosen
Siblings:Zygimantas, Tautvydas and Ausrine
Marital Status:Unmarried
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Last Updated:November 2022

FAQs of Domantas Sabonis net worth 2022

How many siblings does Domantas Sabonis have?

Domantas Sabonis has three siblings namely; Zygimantas, Tautvydas and Ausrine

How old is Domantas Sabonis now?

Domantas Sabonis is 26 years born on 3rd May 1996.

What is the current net worth of Domantas Sabonis?

Domantas Sabonis net worth is between $1 million to $6 million.

What is the height of Domantas Sabonis?

Domantas Sabonis is 7 feet by 11 inches.

What is Domantas Sabonis’s Annual Average Salary in 2022?

Domantas Sabonis is paid an average salary of $18.7 million.

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