Who is the best power forwards all time in LA Lakers?


In this article, we will describe the top 10 best power forwards all time in LA Lakers. Vern Mikkelsen, 2. Pau Gasol, 3. Rudy LaRusso, 4. A.C. Green, 5. Cheerful Hairston, 6. Lamar Odom, 7. Robert Horry, 8. Sway McAdoo, 9. Sam Perkins, and 10. Kyle Kuzma. In any NBA game Power forwards are important because they play a crucial role in both offense and defense. Power forwards are typically expected to score points, capture rebounds, and defend against their opponent teammates. Power forwards will generally have a combination of huge size, physical strength, and athleticism, which allows them to excel in these roles. Here’s a list of the 10 best power forwards of all time:

Who is the Best Power Forwards Of All Time?

1. Vern Mikkelsen (1949-59)

Best power forwards: Top 10 Lakers best power forwards of all time
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Vern Mikkelsen is a famous figure in the history of basketball due to his successful career as a power forward for the Minneapolis Lakers. He is known for his tenacious defense and his nickname, the Iron Man, which reflects his ability to play a high number of games in his career. Mikkelsen played a total of 699 games out of 704 in his career, which is a testament to his durability and dedication to the game.

In addition to his defensive skills, Mikkelsen was also a formidable scorer and rebounder. He averaged 14.4 points and 9.4 rebounds per game in 10 seasons with the Lakers, earning All-American honors during his senior year at Hamline University. His success on the court helped the Lakers become a dominant force in the NBA during the 1950s.

Mikkelsen’s contributions to the Lakers and to the game of basketball have earned him a place in the history of the sport and have made him a beloved figure among basketball fans.

2. Pau Gasol (2008-14)

Best power forwards: Top 10 Lakers best power forwards of all time
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Pau Gasol is a former power forward who had a successful career with the Los Angeles Lakers. He was acquired by the Lakers in a trade with the Memphis Grizzlies in February 2008 and quickly made an impact on the team. In his six-and-a-half seasons with the Lakers, Gasol averaged 17.7 points, 9.9 rebounds, and 1.4 blocks per game. He was a multiple-time All-NBA selection and a multiple-time All-Star during his time with the Lakers.

Gasol is remembered for his contributions to the Lakers’ success during his time with the team, particularly in the 2009 and 2010 NBA Finals, when the Lakers won back-to-back championships. He was also known for his dedication to the team, even playing through injuries to help the Lakers win.

One of the highlights of Gasol’s career with the Lakers was the opportunity to play in front of his daughter, who was able to watch him play in person. This was a dream come true for Gasol and a special moment in his career journey.

3. Rudy LaRusso (1959-67)

The top 10 Lakers Best Power Forwards of all time
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Rudy LaRusso was a power forward who played for the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1960s. He was drafted by the Lakers out of Dartmouth in 1961 and quickly made an impact on the team. In his first season with the Lakers, LaRusso recorded a 30-point, 21-rebound game, demonstrating his scoring and rebounding ability. He went on to earn three All-Star selections with the Lakers in his eight seasons with the team.

Despite his individual success, LaRusso and the Lakers were unable to win an NBA championship during his time with the team. The Lakers reached the NBA Finals multiple times but were unable to overcome the Boston Celtics, who were a dominant team in the league at the time.

Throughout his eight seasons with the Lakers, LaRusso averaged 14.1 points and 8.1 rebounds per game, demonstrating his value as a scoring and rebounding threat. He played a key role in the Lakers’ success during his time with the team and is remembered as one of the best power forwards in Lakers’ history.

4. A.C. Green (1985-93, 1999-2000)

Best power forwards: Top 10 Lakers best power forwards of all time
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Green’s vocation started as a first-round draft pick in 1985  until 1993. He helped the Showtime Lakers to bring home a championship in 1987 and 1988 and to the NBA Finals in 1989 and 1991. What made Green so famous? A.C. Green’s basketball journey is best known for two things, he was called an ironman with a record of playing in 1,192 consecutive games spanning 16 successful seasons. The other is inevitable, if a little disrespectfully, he was called an endurance record for remaining a virgin until he married earlier at 38 years of age. He likewise started a dash of successive games played that would transform into an NBA record of 1,192 appearances without missing a day of work.

5. Cheerful Hairston (1969-75)

Best power forwards: Top 10 Lakers best power forwards of all time
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Hairston was born on 31st March 1942 in Northern Carolina in the United States, he was also known as The Paper. After Chamberlain resigned in 1973, Hairston drove back the six in the association. Why Hairston is considered the best power forward for Lakers Los Angeles? Hairston found the value of 15.2 places and 12.4  back per game with the Lakers and assisted them with bringing home the 1972 title. And he used to make more comebacks, especially during the championship competitions.

6. Lamar Odom (2004-11)

Best power forwards: Top 10 Lakers best power forwards of all time
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Odom joined the Lakers after the Shaq-to-Miami exchange in 2004. For the following three years, he was a full-time starter and the second-best behind Kobe in groups that never made it past the main round of the end-of-the-season games. After the Lakers got All-Star power forward Pau Gasol in 2008 and matched him with rising youthful focus Andrew Bynum, Odom progressed to an off-the-seat job in two title groups in 2009 and 2010.

7. Robert Horry (1997-2003)

Robert Horry (1997-2003)
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Horry was a vital individual from the Lakers’ three-peat title crews from 2000-02. In six and a half seasons with the group, Horry found the value of 6.3 and 5.5 bounce-back per game. He fell off the seat and procured no singular honors or honors. He has a groundswell of help among fans who accept he ought to be in the Basketball Hall of Fame because of his commitments to seven title groups with the Lakers, two with the Houston Rockets, and two with the San Antonio Spurs.

8. Sway McAdoo (1981-85)

Sway McAdoo (1981-85)
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Bob was born on September 25, 1951, in the United States and he was a professional Lakers best power forward of all times. What made Bob so famous as the Laker’s best power forward? When he joined the Los Angeles Lakers, Bob McAdoo was 30 years of age in 1981. McAdoo found the value of 12.1 places and 4.4 bounce back per game.

9. Sam Perkins (1990-93)

Sam Perkins (1990-93)
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Sam turned into a starter in the Lakers group after post-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, new-look cutting edge close to little forward James Worthy and  Vlade Divac, assisting the group with making it to the 1991 NBA Finals. Although Perkins bested 20 focuses multiple times in that series and hit the game-victor in Game 1, the Lakers lost to the Chicago Bulls in five games.

10. Kyle Kuzma (2017-2023)

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Kuzma was born July 24, 1995, in Washington, United States and He is a professional Lakers best forward up to date. What is Kuzma famous for? He was the only person from Utah who was a large part of the crowd. It didn’t take long for him to demonstrate the way that he could take his new kid on the block class.

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